Braidwood Says No To Violence

Braidwood Says No to Violence is a local group, aiming to address public bias and misunderstanding around Domestic and Family Violence (DFV).

Under the auspice of the Braidwood Life Centre, BSNtV is dedicated to raising awareness within the community to highlight that Domestic and family violence, in any form, is not acceptable.

The group works on projects to raise awareness through education and publicity to advocate for a violence-free society. BSNtV works with other groups and businesses in Braidwood and surrounds to deliver resources to support locals to Say NO to Violence.

The BSNTV Group includes members of the community who are passionate about bringing an end to Domestic and Family Violence, Bullying and violence of all kinds. We are made up of a combination of professional advocates who work in the DFV sector, and local community members.

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Focusing on Education

BSNtV previously hosted a series of “Champions Say No to Violence” sessions about Domestic and Family Violence (DFV).

The free educational sessions explored cultural expectations and public biases, myths and relational discrepancies that are prevalent in our society. Attendees were taught foundational principles to recognise, respond and refer friends or acquaintances who are experiencing intimate partner or family violence.

Out of the sessions, attendees identified a need for broader community education about the types of violence that are prevalent in DFV, in order to begin to break down the false assumptions and social taboos that limit public conversation. BSNtV acts from the premise that the right to live free from violence is a fundamental and core human right.

In response to the identified needs, a series of newspaper articles, written by the BSNtV Chair, Hollie Bakerboljkovac, were published in the Braidwood Times, over the 2019-20 Summer. A paper adapting those articles is presented here >>>.

We offer this paper as a free resource to broaden community awareness around the complex issue of DFV.

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